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Welcome to Colorado High School Osage Campus

Western US

San Francisco


Osage Campus Students Travel the Country and Have Fun at Home!


In March Osage Campus students traveled to various parts of the country or explored their home turf in Denver. In preparation for the trips, teachers developed interdisciplinary curricula tailored to the students' experiences. Students traveled to:


* San Francisco Bay Area: Students learned about the school to prison pipeline by touring Alcatraz, the impacts of gentrification, systemic racism as exemplified by the drug culture and criminal justice system, and studied the Black Panther movement that began in SF. They also visited China Town, the Mission and Castro, and watched the sunset while having a bbq next to the Golden Gate bridge.


* Atlanta: Students learned about the history of the civil rights movement and current civil rights issues and visited Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the area. They toured Morris Brown, Spelman, Morehouse and Clark Atlanta universities. They visited the MLK Memorial and the Center for civil and Human Rights. They also managed to fit in an Atlanta Hawks game!


* Western region of the US: Students led the planning for a road trip/camping trip designed to learn about the Rocky Mountain and desert southwest regions. They visited the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Navajo Park, Hoover Dan and Hollywood. Some of the students were excited beyond words to see the ocean for the first time!


* Denver. Students enjoyed Denver by going to a climbing gym, hiking in Eldorado State Park, seeing the Da Vinci exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and touring the Denver Art Museum. A few of the students really challenged themselves on that climbing wall!


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